Best Practice Medical offers a 24/7 service that places practitioners in health care facilities across Australia.

Working for you

We have a thorough understanding of the needs of each health care facility and the skills of each locum medical officer on our books. This means we're able to provide a precision fit for every assignment. This commitment comes from the top — our director is a practicing doctor.

All our consultants have extensive experience in the medical industry and have HR qualifications, so we talk your language.


The importance of work life balance and how to achieve it (2017-05-26)

In today’s working world, working 8am-7pm is the new 9am-5pm. Thanks to staff cuts and higher expectations from employers, it is now the norm to push your hour’s way above ...
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Making the most of the holidays as a locum (2016-12-16)

There are many reasons why someone might choose to go locum. It could be for flexibility with hours and shifts, for travel opportunities, more money or for more well-rounded experience. ...
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How our locum agency staff can assist you (2016-11-18)

If you’ve decided you would like to go locum, the best thing you can do is find yourself a good agency to team up with. Trying to find a placement ...
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Preparing to go locum (2016-10-13)

Have you been thinking about going locum for a while, but aren’t sure where to start? There are a few things you can do in preparation of making the big ...
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How to get the job you want (2016-09-23)

There is a huge difference between getting a job, and getting the job you want. When it comes to your work and your career, you shouldn’t have to settle for ...
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