Best Practice Medical offers a 24/7 service that places practitioners in health care facilities across Australia.

Working for you

We have a thorough understanding of the needs of each health care facility and the skills of each locum medical officer on our books. This means we're able to provide a precision fit for every assignment. This commitment comes from the top — our director is a practicing doctor.

All our consultants have extensive experience in the medical industry and have HR qualifications, so we talk your language.


The benefits of a flexible working environment (2016-08-27)

There are people who really thrive on the nine to five workday, and then there are people who benefit more from a flexible work environment. It seems that these days, ...
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How to make locuming work for you (2016-07-29)

Locuming is the medical industry’s version of going freelance. The reason someone may choose to go locum will vary from person to person. Older, more experienced doctors may wish to ...
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Going regional – should you make the switch from metro? (2016-07-29)

Have you ever wondered whether a tree change might be for you? That is, swapping the big city life for a brand new start in the country. Although over two-thirds ...
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Doctors are still working too many hours (2016-07-29)

An audit by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) conducted in 2011 shows that doctors are still working an unsafe amount of hours. Over 50 percent of Australian hospital doctors work ...
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How to hire casual staff (2016-07-29)

In Australia, there are currently over two million people classified as casual workers. A lot of these people are students, making their way through high school or university and working ...
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