Best Practice Medical offers a 24/7 service that places practitioners in health care facilities across Australia.

Working for you

We have a thorough understanding of the needs of each health care facility and the skills of each locum medical officer on our books. This means we're able to provide a precision fit for every assignment. This commitment comes from the top — our director is a practicing doctor.

All our consultants have extensive experience in the medical industry and have HR qualifications, so we talk your language.


Communication is key for GPs (2018-04-25)

As GP practices grow larger and busier, effective communication with patients and team members is more important than ever. There’s no doubt that being able to communicate with patients of ...
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What Makes a Good Locum Doctor and How to Find One (2017-11-03)

Being a locum Doctor appeals to many in the medical profession. Whether it is because you are between jobs, desire a more flexible career or possess the desire to gain ...
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Building patient relationships as a locum (2017-09-18)

The world of a locum doctor is a transient one. Your job, by its very nature, is temporary, meaning, it can be hard to build relationships with your patients when ...
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Mental Health in Doctors (2017-08-25)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when compared to other Australia professionals, doctors are reported to have substantially higher rates of psychological distress, burnout and attempts at, ...
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Study tips (2017-07-28)

There comes a point in some people’s lives where they entertain the idea of going back to study. This might be to further their current career, or could be to ...
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