Am I eligible to become a locum doctor? (2016-03-27)

A locum doctor is someone who is temporarily placed to fill a vacant position in a hospital or GP practice. This can be when the regular doctor is on leave, ...
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The Benefits of Going Locum (2016-02-29)

A locum doctor is a doctor who takes temporary placement when there is an opening left by another doctor who is away or when a practice is short-staffed. A person ...
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How Can We Attract More Doctors to Regional Australia? (2015-12-19)

It’s no secret that doctors are in demand for Australia’s regional, rural and remote areas. According to the Rural Doctors Association of Australia, the number of rural doctors who possess ...
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5 Misconceptions About Locum Doctors (2015-11-22)

The life of a locum doctor can be challenging – between the short notice, the time spent travelling to distant medical facilities and the perceived lack of stability, locums are ...
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Bullying in Hospitals: Addressing a Widespread Problem (2015-10-25)

The issue of bullying in hospitals has made headlines recently following a number of reviews highlighting a widespread problem throughout Australia. A review conducted by the Royal College of Australasian ...
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Seven Tips for Finding the Perfect Practice Manager (2015-09-22)

When you’re looking for locums or other medical team members, you probably know exactly what you need and have a specialist medical recruitment agency to help with the process. But how ...
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Why the Best Doctors Aren’t Always the Best at Business (2015-08-24)

When your primary task is to treat all manner of sickness and disease, and to even save lives, running a smooth and efficient business probably isn’t at the top of ...
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How Technology is Changing the Way Medical Practices Operate (2015-07-23)

Considering the many ways that technology has quite radically altered our lives in recent years, it should come as no surprise that healthcare is also changing as a result of ...
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Tips for Kickstarting Your Career as a GP (2015-07-23)

Making your mark in the medical profession can take years of study, hard work and dedication. While many graduates veer towards working in hospitals, plenty of young medical professionals are ...
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BP Medical: Best Practice for the Health Industry - and You (2015-07-23)

Welcome to Best Practice Medical. While you might call us a recruitment agency, in reality, we’re a little different and a lot more than that. We are a specialist health ...
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